Psychology of Colour

Psychology of Colour Part 1: Blue 

When it comes to corporate identity, colour psychology is a powerful marketing tool. Selecting the correct colour for your customers brand can boost their customers interest by 40%. Differing colours, shades and tints each have their own psychological impact.

We have to start with blue, the most popular colour in corporate branding.

So, what is blue associated with?

- Trust
- Dependability
- Clarity
- Wellbeing
- Intelligence
- Unity

Psychology of Colour Part 2: Orange

The colour orange creates a sense of freedom and positivity so it’s no surprise that many businesses choose it as part of their corporate identity.

So, what is orange associated with?
- Warmth
- Adventure
- Creativity
- Success
- Energy

Psychology of Colour Part 3: Pink

Using the colour pink in your marketing and branding can induce feelings of unconditional love and hope, perfect for those aiming to create a soothing campaign.

So, what is pink associated with?
- Hope
- Joy
- Sensitivity
- Boldness

Psychology of Colour Part 4: Red

As one of the most visible colours in the colour spectrum, it is often used to capture attention, show power and express passion. A bold colour for a bold brand and purpose.

So, what is red associated with?
- Passion
- Confidence
- Warning
- Power
- Excitement
- Action

Psychology of Colour Part 5: Green

Looking to create a campaign that oozes trust and calmness? Green writing instruments are your next powerful marketing tool.

So, what is green associated with?
- Nature
- Abundance
- Peace
- Security
- Growth
- Energy

Psychology of Colour Part 6: Purple

Using the colour purple in branding and marketing can trigger responses, allowing those who use it to be seen as creative and luxurious. Holding the power of red and the responsibility of blue, purple writing instruments are an effective way to get your brand noticed.

So, what is purple associated with?
- Wisdom
- Bravery
- Imagination
- Spirituality
- Innovation
- Mystery

Psychology of Colour Part 7: Yellow

Your subconscious mind is continuously monitoring your environment and prompting responses. Did you know, the way in which we perceive things even goes down to our choice of colour? Ultimately, anything yellow gives a sense of happiness and optimism and can be particularly motivating.

So, what is yellow associated with?
- Energy
- Motivation
- Positivity
- Confidence
- Fun
- Happiness

Psychology of Colour Part 8: Monochrome

Simple and timeless colours that create subconscious associations to power and knowledge.
Commonly used by apparel and tech companies, to do just that.

So, what is monochrome associated with?
- Power
- Balance
- Peace
- Sophistication
- Intelligence
- Clarity

Psychology of Colour Part 9: Metallic

Strategic colour choices can leave subconscious impressions on customers based on that colours’ psychology. Metallics are colour pigments with a powder added to resemble that of polished metal. They can reflect light better than a standard solid colour giving them a shiny finish.

So, what are metallics associated with?
- Modernity
- Sophistication
- Intuition
- Versatility
- Glamour
- Sensitivity

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