Imageco to take quality to ‘another level' with HP Latex 800 Printer

Leeds based wide format printing and signage company Imageco has become one of the first businesses in the UK to purchase a new HP Latex 800 W Printer, saying the device will take the quality of its printed output to ‘another level'.
The HP Latex 800 Printer series officially launched in February 2021 but Imageco opted to beat the rush and placed its order late last year, with the new device set to be installed within a matter of weeks.

Imageco had been seeking a new machine to replace an older Durst Lambda, which it had been mainly using to produce photographic backlit applications. Managing Director Nathan Swinson-Bullough said as the company was already running an HP Latex 570 printer with great success, he contacted HP to see if they could help.

"I knew that HP Latex technology could be the answer. When I was told a new model was being developed, I requested some test prints. We were blown away with the quality," adds Nathan. "It really does take quality to the next level."
As Imageco works across a number of sectors with a wide range of clients, Nathan said it was vital that any new printing device was flexible and able to handle various types of work. This, he said, is something that the new HP Latex 800 series certainly offers.

"The machine is extremely versatile; importantly for us, it can produce the backlit film for gaming and retail, but we will also be using it to service lots of other applications," he said. "For example, the new fine text with white ink printing option opens up smaller label work, it also further supports our interior wallpapers, lightbox fabric and window graphics work.
"The list of what we can produce on the HP Latex 800 W is almost endless; we love to push ourselves and will get as creative as possible with the new machine."

Aside from the clear production benefits that the new HP Latex 800 series will offer to Imageco, Nathan spoke about the importance of sustainability when it comes to investing in a new printing machine.

The HP Latex 800 series uses water based ink, which is perfect for interior print work, while he also pointed out that the machine has parts made from recycled plastic, further enhancing its environmental credentials.

"We pride ourselves on many things at Imageco: our creativity, our level of service and our sustainable edge." "The HP Latex 800 W ticks all those boxes, it looks great and will be a huge asset for us, fitting perfectly with our plans to be as innovative yet sustainable as possible."

Investment in the HP Latex 800 came towards the end of what was a challenging year for many print businesses. The Covid-19 pandemic led to a sharp decline in two of Imageco's core segments in the form of events and exhibitions, and retail.

However, Nathan said the company was able to quickly adapt to the situation, first helping with the production and distribution of face visors for the NHS, on a charitable basis, and later picking up printed work related to social distancing. They won ‘The COVID-19 Extra Mile Award' at the British Sign Awards 2020 as a result of their efforts.

Throughout the pandemic Imageco continued to see steady levels of demand for exterior signage. Nathan explains that this part of the business was not impacted so much, with businesses taking the enforced downtime to rebrand and refresh their images, create new websites, and address their carbon footprints.

Backed by the new HP Latex 800 W printer and its ability to handle a wide range of work, Imageco is now looking towards a more positive year in 2021 as it seeks to further expand its business.

"We have a great team at Imageco so the hard work of those guys, combined with our flexibility and attitude, helps us massively," he said. "Fingers crossed things do return to normal for everyone and we never witness anything like this again."