PTE Show - Stand Walkabout

Join me for the 2021 grand tour and navigate a trail to include what stand has cake, who has show offers with £1000 vouchers and find out what time the bar opens.

To justify your time being well spent of course there are an array of stands with new product launches, live demonstrations, software to play with and training in the seminar arena.

No need to battle the elements as you can set off from your office desk or home armchair. www.PrintTradeExpo.co.uk I sort of miss the cold wind wake up of the NEC car park, but not the early start.

Have a plan or follow your instincts.

First up is the Morgana stand as I have been tasked by our own shop to look for a new digital print finisher. Enjoy your own personal demonstrations of kit including the Power Square 160 and 224. Then onto the Morgana BM5000 booklet maker. There is so much choice on this well laid out stand, with brochures to pick up and quotes available. Adjacent is the…
ITEC stand https://printtradeexpo.co.uk/detailed-stand-intec  where you must click on the ‘Show Special 1’ link to transport directly into an amazing live showroom. Each piece of kit, print, crease, fold, cut out or foil is ready to show off print benefits in real time. Not only a great showroom experience but a proper profit in print wake up call.

Now I want to go to see Renz, a giant leap by foot, but a mere click and virtually in seconds here we are: Renz https://printtradeexpo.co.uk/detailed-stand/renz  where we find an array of recognisable finishing equipment, as we have most in our own print shop in Brighton. Check out the finishing  quality on Renz punching, binding and laminating systems. If you need advice or can’t find what you are looking for click onto their website and enquiry email.
This is so much better than just guessing website addresses or looking them up on a search engine that could take you off on a wild goose chase and jeopardy with unapproved vendors.

You can break from the show at any time, to talk to your team, your customers, your partner, kids, animals, whatever; because you are not on an away day and out of touch from your business, family and the outside world. Virtual prospecting may become the new normal, especially as even when real tactile travel to shows are back, you may be restricted to a no contact experience. For your product brochures, pre-purchase investigation and special show deals, regularly visit www.PrintTradeExpo.co.uk
Now onto The Magic Touch https://printtradeexpo.co.uk/complex-stand/the-magic-touch   to discuss their workwear opportunity. By picking out your top customers and sending real samples, personalised of course, to them. If you pick the product to be useful in their business, they will want more rather than pick a favourite for the freebie. Anything weatherproof for the present weather will work well.

Graphic Warehouse https://printtradeexpo.co.uk/detailed-stand/graphic-warehouse  I need to thank these guys for their help and support in our recent survey, see page 18. If you want to offer products too big to produce inhouse get to know the Graphic Warehouse. We tell customers that anything not on show is produced at our security litho and large format factory. Happy days.

Graphityp https://printtradeexpo.co.uk/grafityp-uk-limited  Discover a world of possibilities with Grafityp - Dealer of SISER HTV, Roland Large Format Printer/Cutters, GCC Laser Engravers and Vinyl Cutters Grafityp is a leading manufacturer and supplier of self-adhesive sign making vinyl, wrapping/decorating vinyl, digital printing vinyl/films and overlaminates. Show deals include special pricing on Roland and Siser kit, plus their own brand media. Click and learn.

Please do visit Premier Paper for a tree planting video and speedy link to their website and news of an innovative anti-microbial protective film, along with all the top brand media in stock.
As usual once my head is in my laptop, time flies by. I will have to visit Epson later as there is such a crowd on their stand, I couldn’t catch an eye. OK this can’t really happen at your PTE virtual show as you will always have a warm welcome. So, get in… https://printtradeexpo.co.uk/print-trade-expo-epson-uk-ltd

Do you want to enter a competition while you are at Solopress https://printtradeexpo.co.uk/detailed-stand/solopress
Cool, here’s you chance to win a tasty eco-friendly gift box https://tinyurl.com/PTE-Show-competition
Buying bespoke trade print work just got so much easier! With one little button, you can now manage and approve your quotes online. We’ve updated your account area so that new quotes will appear there, ready for you to approve and add to your basket like any other order.

Access through the Route1 trade print stand then web link.
Enjoy the show you can visit between lockdowns, in fact at any time of day, 365 days a year. Don’t forget to pick up a bug at the QPP stand.

Pub Time https://printtradeexpo.co.uk/detailed-stand/the-crown-pub
Sorry, yes Maureen, someone did mention free cake, visit the Eat my Logo stand here.


Next visit must see list…