Card business pops thanks to in-house HP Indigo printing

Lovepop, a US-based 3D card company, is growing its high value print business as it moves to disrupt the industry thanks to in-house printing with HP Indigo digital presses.

Headquartered in Boston, Lovepop prints their cards on an HP Indigo 5600 and an HP Indigo 5500r Digital Press at its production facility in Da Nang, Vietnam, where the presses started operating earlier this year.
Founded by naval architects John Wise and Wombi Rose, Lovepop creates beautiful, laser cut pop-up cards designed with ship building software and handcrafted in the ancient fine art of sliceform kirigami. Lovepop’s hundreds of 3D designs are available online internationally at lovepop.com, Amazon, and retailers across the US.

Before moving to the HP Indigo, Lovepop was using more than 50 desktop inkjet printers to print its products. “Acquiring the HP Indigo presses is enabling us to scale our business while bringing back in-house print work we had previously outsourced,” said Dariush Nejad, Research & Development Engineer at Lovepop. “HP Indigo digital printing is also a more sustainable, scalable solution, reducing waste by performing accurately with fewer errors than previous solutions.”

Lovepop ideates, designs, and handcrafts each Lovepop card with teams in Boston and Vietnam. John and Wombi chose to plant roots in both Boston, where they attended business school at Harvard, and Da Nang, where they first discovered kirigami and were inspired.

“Together, HP and Lovepop are creating beautiful, laser cut paper art that inspires people to give, connect, and share magical moments,” added Wise, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. “As a fast growing business, the variety of resources and opportunities provided by HP gives us the confidence and reassurance we need to maintain this promising trajectory.”

The 13 x 19 inch HP Indigo 5600 and the newer model the HP Indigo 5900 are highly versatile printing presses for producing high value speciality jobs on a wide range of papers and synthetics using One Shot Color printing mode for the gift card and membership card market. The range of media includes uncoated and coated papers as well as on unique substrates such as transparent, metallic, and recycled media, and paperboard for folding cartons.