Get in with Intec
Best post this week was received from the marketing team at Intec. I love the seasonal salutations when they showcase the kit and media we can make best use of in our own shops. 

33 years on from our print pioneering colour copy shop I still love the buzz of print examples that you can’t yourself believe can be produced short run on demand with the descendent of our ground breaking glorified photocopier.

Once you finish away from your stock ‘A sized’ media the magic starts to happen but in this case it is the print quality that will fool most pros.

We don’t advocate ever selling the print process to our eight million plus end users, as all they want for Christmas and the rest of the year is affordable outstanding quality. Having said that, there are still buyers requesting litho as a yardstick for best presentation. They don’t need to know how you can make one-off full colour, sparkling cards and advent calendars without the setup charges of colour seps plates and cutters. The surprise they are do-able is enough.

So get seasonal by starting with the Intec ColorSplash printer and finish with ColorFlare foiling and holographics, then cut and crease on the ColorCut Flatbed.

Get in with Intec to purvey print products that stand out.

Take care when standing up the goodies as opening new doors can be tempting for pets who in my case ripped off my first chocolate treat, bad Printz.

Thanks Intec for the season’s greetings and print solutions www.intecprinters.com 

Check out the making of the 2018 Intec Advent Calendar and Christmas Card by watching the video in the QPP demonstration suite. www.QuickPrintPro.co.uk