Antalis urges printers to take stock as new research shows paper prevails

With new research revealing a significant consumer preference for printed communications over digital options, Antalis is reminding printers that paper still prevails in a crowded digital market.

According to the latest research from Two Sides, 72% of consumers prefer to read printed publications over digital options, with many respondents indicating that reading in print is more enjoyable than reading electronically. What’s more, 52% of consumers prefer to read product catalogues in print whilst 73% feel that keeping hard copies of personal information such as bank statements and letters at home is a safe and more secure way of storing information.

Despite the increase in digital marketing over the years, the study has highlighted that online marketing and advertising is relatively unpopular with most consumers, with 68% admitting they do not pay attention to online advertisements.
Katie Farr, head of marketing for Antalis’ Print & Visual Communications division said: “From e-books, to digital newsletters through to downloadable catalogues, businesses are saturating the digital market. However, interestingly this new research has concluded that consumers trust, enjoy and gain a deeper understanding of information read in print, as signs of a digital fatigue are becoming more evident.

“In line with this, at Antalis we continue to see a shift in the demand for more premium, creative and custom paper options as a way to offer maximum visual impact and really bring a design concept to life. This is increasingly significant for marketeers and businesses who recognise the benefits of a tangible, paper based item as a way of creating cut through.
Katie adds: “The time is now for printers to take advantage of stand-alone printed communications or print within multi-channel campaigns and we encourage them to look to inspire and advise their customers on the endless possibilities that paper based communication can bring.”

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