Pocket pull-outs to offer huge impact potential for resellers

The latest addition to the Exaprint lineup, Pocket pull-outs is offering brands the opportunity for substantial impact wrapped in a tiny tactile medium. The product comprises of two business-card sized pieces of silk-coated card that contain a large folded advertorial space.

The product is comprised of up to 18 paper and card panels, with a concertina fold allowing the paper to fold down into a shape small enough to fit in a customer's pocket.

Simon Cooper, Managing Director of Exaprint UK, expressed his excitement for this latest addition stating, “The Pocket pull-outs are an exciting addition to our range. They’re perfect for events such as fairs, festivals and other tourist attractions, making fantastic pull out maps in particular. It’s a great tool for containing a lot of information on a small finished format.”
The Pocket Pull-out is extremely durable, with the hard front and back protecting the paper panels, enabling prolonged use and allowing for pocket transportation. The base is 300gsm and is laminated with either a matt or gloss finish to improve its durability.

The pull-outs can also be created without a protective front and back, providing the option of making them larger in scale enabling even more information to be displayed. The product is offered in three different sizes.
Cooper explained the benefits of the new product stating, “The Pocket Pull-out is yet another way to help our resellers, providing them with the opportunity to offer an even more diverse array of products to their end user customers. They offer both practicality and standout design opportunities, and are the perfect option to offer to event promoters.”

The Pocket Pull-out is accessible to Exaprint’s existing clients on www.Exaprint.co.uk .

Print, design and marketing professionals are welcome to sign up for a free account to get instant access.