Drytac Europe to launch new range of ReTac permanently peelable media at FESPA Digital 2014

Drytac Europe, an international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the print, label and industrial markets, has announced its plans for FESPA Digital 2014. The company will be exhibiting in Hall B on stand 191 and will be launching a number of new products in the new ReTac permanently peelable range including ReTac 75, ReTac 200, ReTac Chalk and Drytac WipeOut.

ReTac 75 - ReTac 75 is a 75µ (3 mil) ‘permanently peelable’ white polymeric PVC film coated on one side with a pressure-sensitive low-tack repositionable Polyacrylate adhesive. Suitable for use with solvent, eco-solvent and UV inkjet printers, ReTac 75 printable vinyl has been specifically developed for wall graphic applications.
ReTac 75 enables users to install, reposition and remove graphics on numerous surfaces – such as most indoor areas, ceramic tiles, PVC flooring, sealed wood, and sealed concrete – without causing any damage. Available in 1370mm x 50m rolls, the glossy film is compatible with Latex, Solvent, Eco-Solvent and UV inkjet printers.

ReTac 200 - ReTac 200 is a 200µ high density polyethylene substrate with a higher rigidity than ReTac75. Being thicker and more rigid makes ReTac 200 easier to apply and remove. It can be used to create graphics which hide the profile of the wall behind it, giving a smoother image. ReTac200 is a very strong substrate, and will not be damaged by repeated removal and re-application.

ReTac Chalk - Available in a green finish, ReTac Chalk is a 180µ PVC chalkboard film, with the same pressure-sensitive low-tack repositionable adhesive as the other ReTac products. This product creates chalkboards that can be applied to virtually any surface; used, re-used and removed easily when required. Ideal for hotel and restaurant menus, instant note-pads for reminders and for creating areas on walls for children to draw on.

Drytac WipeOut - This repositionable product is a repeatedly removable dry-erase material. Drytac WipeOut is a 50µ Polyester film with a hard coat dry erase surface coating. This product carries all the benefits of the peelable ReTac 75 and ReTac 200, whilst being able to create instant dry-erase boards wherever there is a need for them. It is ideal for business meetings where notes can be taken and recorded, as it allows for repeated re-use, and easy removal. Drytac WipeOut works exceptionally well with the majority of dry-erase marker pens.

On the new introductions, Steve Broad, Sales Director for Drytac Europe, comments, “The ReTac films are an excellent addition to Drytac’s range of products. Unlike traditional removable adhesives that all have a tendency to form a strong bond over time, these products have a new Polyacrylate adhesive technology that will not change its strength pattern over time, thereby offering a fantastic bond without the worry of damage to the underlying surface when removed.

“The new ReTac range adheres to almost any indoor surface and offers enormous flexibility as they can be repositioned numerous times without losing adhesion and leaves no residue when removed.”

Drytac will also be launching other products prior to the show – more details to follow.

For more information on Drytac Europe, please visit www.drytac.co.uk