Totem POS Marketing

Just Add Print ... Sometimes an idea is so simple that you wonder why it has not been thought of before.

Such is the case with Display Totems from Phillips Plastics, a striking display idea that is so simple to maintain or update.

Part of their Print on Demand (POD) range, the freestanding Totem range is designed to accept a range of standard paper sizes from A4 to 1600mm and hence offers the opportunity for anyone involved in print to expand their customer offering.

The print supplier simply prints out a sheet with the message or images required, inserts that sheet into the glossy display of the Totem and hey presto; an instant colourful display.

Being so simple to update makes them ideal for customers, who change their promotions or attend exhibitions and events regularly. Totems even pack flat for storage or transport.

Different sheets can be inserted front and back to display different messages and create stunning 360° graphics and they are easy to keep clean with just a simple wipe, so the finished display always look pristine.

They can be used for any kind of message - promotions, information, directions and much more plus, as they can be updated simply by inserting a different printed sheet, they provide a very flexible medium for conveying information.

Being reusable, once a Totem has been supplied, that customer could come back many times for new printed insert sheets.

The Print on Demand range is a comprehensive selection of over 20 business products such as binders, folders, mouse mats, name plates, bags and more, all using the same printed inserts sheet idea to create fully customised items.

A good start is to purchase a display unit for just £95.00, which can then offer anyone involved in print an opportunity to access an additional income stream by supplying fully finished, professional personalised products, even if some customers only need a small quantity.

Display your customers logos and marketing messaging in this new symbolic totem pole point of sale. Easy to change and update offers and visually eye catching to create interest.

Simply print two vertical banners from the same copy or different and insert with ease into the plastic display holder.

The posters are protected and very effective.

Sell the whole display for £125; including print and follow up with a set of new posters at £30 (£15 each) this is great for repeat business throughout the year.

Simple, flexible and durable, Totems and the rest of the POD range from Phillips Plastics are available via their website www.phillipsdirect.co.uk  or by calling 0845 4567 007 to discuss trade discounts.