Morgana Announces Release of DocuMaster MFC

The product is the latest in the DocuMaster range of booklet making equipment, designed to eliminate tedious and time consuming operations by creasing the sheets as part of the feeding and booklet creation operation.With multiple feed stations, the design of the DocuMaster MFC allows for the feeding of specialised covers and booklet inside pages from separate feed bins while still allowing for creasing of the cover, centre, or all pages of the publication. The DocuMaster MFC incorporates Morgana's new "DynaTilt" creasing system, which automatically registers each sheet and adjusts the mechanism to ensure an accurate crease position every time.Creasing of covers, centre spreads, or indeed all sheets in the book, if needed, is programmed into the high definition touch screen control unit. Simplicity of operation is essential for finishing digitally printed work. Today's "on demand" culture means run lengths are smaller and turnaround times are becoming shorter.Controlled by a high definition touch panel, common to the full range of Morgana Pro products, the DocuMaster MFC is given full instructions as to the book size, amount of pages and crease position. All settings and adjustments are made using the touch panel, meaning that operation of the MFC couldn't be simpler.An alpha numeric memory allows an unlimited number of jobs to be stored and named by the operator. This makes job recall much easier using job number or customers' names that are standard within the business.Commenting on the creation of the DocuMaster MFC, Ray Hillhouse, Sales Manager for Morgana Systems in the UK, said: "The MFC sits alongside our DocuMaster Pro product to provide a booklet making solution for digital printers who regularly need to incorporate litho printed covers, or other book sections, into the final publication. The MFC is unique in its ability to crease a cover after it has left the feed station and before it has been integrated into the book. DynaTilt technology has made this possible and the final product is a unique all UK manufactured machine that solves an often found problem in booklet production." www.morgana.co.uk