Canon And EFI Invite CSN To Open New Digital StoreFront

Canon UK, in conjunction with EFI have introduced Digital StoreFront (DSF) version 3.0. The latest version of the software includes a completely redesigned and highly customisable user interface, with easier, faster web-based administration, as well as a host of new features.DSF enables print service providers to create a unique shopping experience for their customers, by allowing them to easily navigate through a full suite of print products and services all in one place. Print buyers can shop, specify, proof and buy print products, such as personalised print items and managed catalogues, using familiar e-commerce tools. DSF now offers a unified "storefront" shopping experience, enabling customers to purchase a full array of products and services from a single interface, including non-print items, kits (a set of products that are ordered together), and personalised products. Digital StoreFront 3.0 is much easier to customise, letting the print service provider control the "look and feel" of websites deployed for each of their customers (or even for anonymous "walk-up" Internet browsing users). User interface elements such as branding (customer logos and colour schemes), number of columns, fonts, access to specific features of the site, as well as new merchandising features (to encourage buying) can be deployed through the simple interface. And instead of relying on a built-in library of images, the administrator can now use their own graphics and images to tailor the site. Digital StoreFront has always made it simple for customers to buy print. Now, easier and faster job specification and ticketing templates let users - with little or no technical expertise in printing - submit files, and then build and order more sophisticated print products. The new interface is the result of extensive testing. Once the product is defined by the user, a new real-time product preview lets users see an on-screen graphical representation of the product they are ordering - showing the whole product, down to the level of binding choices and coloured paper stocks.New features to support print services providers' growing business in wide and super-wide format products have been added to version 3.0. The graphically appealing web site and visual catalogue make it an ideal tool for selling. The system now has support for large paper and other substrates, roll or sheet media. Print service providers can employ different pricing models for different manufacturing steps (area-based, fee-based, etc.), mixing and matching within the same product, providing unparalleled flexibility. Media, printing, and post print processes can all be priced individually by flat cost, area, or quantity. In addition, many shops employing wide and super-wide output also produce and sell items like trade show walls, light boxes, easels, mounting kits, and other items, that can be ordered via DSF in addition to print.Canon UK, Professional Solutions Marketing Manager, Nikki Richardson said: "This latest version of Digital Storefront is exceptional, and I am looking forward to introducing this to our customers. Version 3 has been designed to make pricing and ordering of both litho and digital print services simple and flexible. The demand for web-to-print solutions is on the increase and DSF V3 offers printers the opportunity to develop new revenue streams, drive additional volumes and introduce new services."EFI, Sales Development Manager, Stewart Prizeman, said: "We were really excited to exclusively preview the latest version of DSF with Canon at Northprint. With extensive customer input and Canon feedback we have incorporated some great new features in this version, which will ensure continued success for Canon and EFI. Additionally with its integration into Fiery Central and Fiery, it provides customers with a true market leading end-to-end solution."More on this following a CSN test drive. We will publish a beta test store for you all to experience this viable shop front for your business.